Video! Dog Is So Proud When Her Human Sister Finally Walks

Maya and Abby are two sisters who share a strange bond. Maya was born with cerebral palsy, whereas Abby is a dog. They’ve always been there for one other since they were children.

Maya’s trusty dog stood by her side for years while she struggled to walk.

It required a lot of work, but Abby was there to support her the whole time. At the end of the day, all of their hard work paid off.

Maya eventually took her first steps independently at the age of four, and Abby was right there to congratulate her, according to a new YouTube video from The Dodo.

The dog’s joy in her human friend’s triumph was obvious.
On each of their lovely faces, you can tell how happy they are.

However, getting there those first steps was a hard journey.
Maya needed a lot of help throughout the first few years of her life.

Maya’s mother recalled, “When Maya started walking in her walker, Abby would stand up and sort of follow after her.”

The mother assumed that it was a “safety issue” and that Abby was just keeping an eye on the small child. Abby would be waiting at the bottom of a slide if Maya went down it.

Maya’s dog would accompany her everywhere she went.
Maya’s physical treatment sessions didn’t allow the dog to go far. She would usually take a seat next to Maya’s bench and observe.

Abby was overjoyed to see her adored sister’s improvement with her therapy  and it made her extremely proud.

The most joyful event, however, was when Maya took her first independent steps at the age of four.
There was no need for a walker.

“I’m on my feet!” Maya screamed, “Yes!” in the video. “I even took the huge step, you guys!”

Abby’s tail began wagging wildly as she tossed her hands in the air in joy.
It was clear to both of them that this was a important time. Maya’s gorgeous smile conveyed all that needed to be said, and the puppy leaped up in pleasure to express her support.

Abby, it turned out, had lived her whole life with a disability.
Her front right paw was missing from birth. She never let that, however, stop her from embracing life to the fullest. In fact, it forged an even stronger tie between her and Maya.

The two were inseparable from the moment the family brought the puppy home from the rescue shelter.
Maya’s mother recounted, “Maya would play with her tiny dolls, and Abby would always just lie down right next to her, and Maya would speak to Abby like she was her little buddy.”

The family is now sharing their touching story with the rest of the world.
To assist raise awareness of cerebral palsy, they launched a Facebook and Instagram page. The small child, dubbed Mighty Miss Maya on the website, is “teaching the world how to #beemighty one step at a time.”

Thousands of people are currently following the young girl and her dog sister, Abby, on social media and have been inspired by them. We completely understand why after seeing their touching video.

To understand more about Maya’s experience, watch the video below of her taking her first steps.

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Video! Dog Is So Proud When Her Human Sister Finally Walks
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