A Belgian Shepherd Takes Care of an Orphan Baby Giraffe

Anything is conceivable in the wild, where the idea of “survival of the fittest” reigns supreme. A mom has left her unborn kid to destiny. Sadly, this kind of things happen every day.

Little Jazz had been wandering the African desert for 3 days when he was discovered by a local farmer by accident.

The gentleman was not uncaring. He contacted The Rhio Orphanage, a local animal care group, and a team of qualified professionals came on the site. The infant was terribly dehydrated and fragile.

The baby was already in a “sleep” when he arrived at the center. Jazz started to recover slowly after multiple emergency treatments and a hard 18 hours. He is already crawling and attempting to standing up with the assistance of all team.

Jazz was guarded and cared for by Hunter, the Belgian Malinois, from the first moment. The experts are unsure what type of attachment established between the devoted dog and the infant giraffe. Hunter, on the other hand, refused to eat while Jazz was in a coma. When he observed his patient making progress, he started eating.

They spent a great deal of time together. The dog and the infant giraffe affectionately cuddled, played, and licked each other!

Regrettably, the bliss was temporary. Jazz had no way of defending himself. He left this earth a few days later. Hunter had been on his side the entire time.

Hunter is still alive and well, and he is still doing his challenging job.

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A Belgian Shepherd Takes Care of an Orphan Baby Giraffe
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