Parents Notice That Their Little Baby’s Foot Is In Their Dog’s Mouth! Look How It Happened!

Evo, an Alaskan Malamute, adores “babysitting” his 4-month-old human sibling Adam. He’s always been very protective with his little brother, and he enjoys being around with him observing and entertaining him.

We found a video, where  Evo keeps a watch on Adam during sleep time. Adam adores having his large nurse dog at his side and tries to tuck his small feet between the dog’s cheeks. However, Adam’s foot accidently smashes Evo’s eyes, scaring him! Evo tries to brush off the small irritation, but Adam “kicks” the dog’s eyes once more.

The baby’s firm hold on Evo didn’t bother him , and he continued kicking. He temporarily held the kid’s foot by its lips to hold it calm as the kicks got more regular. He quickly regretted using his tongue to grasp the fragile child and attempted to make apologies by “ giving kisses and licks  Adam.

Whatever happens, Evo’s primary concern will always be Adam’s protection, as evidenced in this heartwarming video. That’s why Adam is so relaxed and at ease around his cute pet dog. Evo has a lot of tolerance and patience when it comes to taking care for little Adam, which makes him an outstanding babysitter.

Watch their cute video below!