Blind Husky Finds a Friend Who Helps Him to Overcome Everything

Dogs may be a person’s closest companion under certain situations. Others are a dog’s most trusted friend. Sterling and Walker, two doggie brothers, have proven that a dog and a person might be just as close. Since Sterling’s blindness, this has been particularly true.

Sterling’s loss of vision was a frightening and stressful experience, but Walker stood at his side the entire time. Because he has so many loving ones to surround him, Sterling is still able to do all of the enjoyable activities he did when he could see. Walker’s owners consider him an unofficial seeing-eye dog for Sterling since he frequently assists him with navigation.

Walker is an Alaskan Malamute and Sterling is a Siberian Husky. Both puppies were acquired from Texas Sled Dog Rescue . Their owners are  Lillian and Martin McKee.  They rescued them around a year apart, and it didn’t take long for the two dogs to create an unbreakable friendship. They’re similar in age and like going on adventures together.

“When I received Walker, he was truly rather afraid of new things,” Lillian explained. “But Sterling taught him that living in the great world might be exciting and not so frightening, that car journeys lead to wonderful places and events, and that people, even scary males, can provide lots of love and care.” “We relocated to Seattle approximately six and a half years ago, and with more outdoor excursions, the boys’ friendship grew even deeper.”

In June 2018, however, the pair noticed that Sterling’s eyes were clouded. Sterling was diagnosed with an eye disease after visiting the veterinarian, and his vision continued to deteriorate. Sterling’s vision was kept for as long as feasible by Lillian and Martin. They even got him special dog glasses to keep his eyes protected, but he eventually went blind.

Sterling’s parents would notice that he was depressed after his initial surgery. So they let him and Walker play on the beach that day, and Sterling brightened up immediately.

Sterling doesn’t allow the fact that he has lost his vision prevent him from living life to the fullest. I t has strengthened his bonds with his entire family. Walker still goes on treks with Sterling and assists him when required.

“Walker is frequently bumped by Sterling, who usually gets up and walks. Walker will also stand up and move if he sees Sterling approaching. “I’m not sure whether he understands Sterling is blind since he still follows Sterling’s lead on a lot of things,” Lillian explained. “But he is really respectful of Sterling, so he either knows and respects Sterling .

Everything has been way easier for Sterling now that he has Walker at his side. They handle it all together and have amassed a sizable fan base over time. Sterling had been a therapy dog before he lost his vision, and his story and social media account continue to make people smile.

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Blind Husky Finds a Friend Who Helps Him to Overcome Everything
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