German Shepherd Adopts Baby Goat and Takes Care of Her

When Shadow the white German Shepherd spots a “small creature,” her heartbeat quickens. Shadow was immediately charmed by the cute little Pygmy goat child that her family had welcomed. She instantly came to live under the small animal’s wing to imply that she had welcomed in the little one.

Shadow treats her goat offspring as if she were one of her own puppies in this video! Shadow is relaxing on the floor with the tiny animal nestled up near her warming tummy. While trying to care for her darling puppy, the delighted dog can hardly hold back her smiles, making it hard to control her joy!

Shadow, overcome by maternal instincts, washes and tidies her “baby” at set intervals, shaking her curly tail like a proud parent! The newborn goat is at ease and comfortable with her devoted dog mother, and will not leave her “safe haven.” This video gives you a burst of joy!

In the video below, you can see this absolutely ADORABLE duo! Please SHARE this information with a friend or family member!

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German Shepherd Adopts Baby Goat and Takes Care of Her
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