Man Bursts Out Into Tears When His Wife Surprises Him With a Little Puppy! His Reaction Is Emotional

Unhappy dog, Toby was left on the streets of South Korea. Toby was by myself in the streets, facing the sad fact that South Korea is famous for its dog meat trade.
Thankfully, the dog was spotted by an auto repair business owner, who gave him to a shelter.

Toby was unable to stay at the shelter due to a lack of space. He had to stay outdoors in the cold because it was January and the building was filled.

Band For Animals quickly came to Toby’s assistance. They save dogs that are on the verge of becoming victims of the dog meat trade.
Toby remained in a South Korean refugee camp before travelling to the United States. He was quickly placed with a foster home. Toby’s family had no clue how much he would impact their life.

Ann Hoang desired a second dog, but her husband was hesitant to have two, so the pair decided to try fostering pets to see if it would work.

When Toby arrived, he was terrified and uncertain. He was concerned about not getting out of his box. The dog would just stand there and gaze at the Hoangs on the rare moments that he did.

As a response, the Hoangs gave love and care Toby.
Toby quickly opened up once he realized his new home was safe and full of affection.

“At first, my husband was skeptical of Toby since he was shy and this was our first foster placement. Toby had sat down next to my husband by the 1st evening, and he gazed up at him with his little dog eyes, and my husband felt the goodness of God in Toby’s face. From that point on, Toby seemed to swiftly bond with my spouse.” Ann remarked.

Toby quickly started showing his real character to his new family. He was adored by the Hoangs!

Toby quickly established himself as a member of the family. The original goal of fostering him for a short time before adopting another dog didn’t feel appropriate anymore.

“We had two families wanting to meet with Toby, and when the day came, I just understood how sad my husband would be without him,” Ann explained. My husband and Toby had barely been together for a week when they became close. My spouse is a selfless individual who constantly puts others before himself. He’s never made a specific request or shown a strong desire for something. Toby was the first time I realized he’d be upset if he didn’t have him.”

Ann wanted to surprise her husband by announcing Toby’s adoption. She phoned for help, and a plan was quickly devised.
Prior to adoption, it was typical for someone to undertake a home check, so Ann informed her husband that it was a possible adopter for Toby.

The rescuers had a letter that Ann’s husband was supposed to receive.

As he opened the card, tears welled up in his eyes as the news hit him.
“Oh my goodness, I thought he’d be happy, but never did I expect him to cry so hard.” I’ve never seen him respond to anything like this before! He’s emotional, but this was the most I’ve ever seen from him.” Ann recalled something.

Toby, who was always so sweet, sat with his father to console him. What he didn’t realize was that everything was done for him.

Check out the moving video below!

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Man Bursts Out Into Tears When His Wife Surprises Him With a Little Puppy! His Reaction Is Emotional
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