The letter from the former owner affected on the man and he changed his mind about returning the dog to the shelter

We all are aware that dogs are excellent friends for humans, especially when we are lonely and yearning for some company.

A man had relocated to a new place and found everyone to be kind and welcoming. But something was still lacking from his life. He imagined a dog who would offer him with amazing company and fill the emptiness in his life. He went to a nearby shelter in search of a dog and found a black lab Reggie who needed forever home.

There were several dog circumstances that needed to be corrected, and it may take up to 2 weeks. He had a two-week return time as well, just in case Reggie and the man couldn’t adjust. However, he and his new adopted canine did not get along. Reggie, on the other hand, was not paying attention to what he was talking.

As a result, he considered calling the shelter to have Reggie returned to him. As he was getting ready to return Reggie in two weeks, he came upon a letter from Reggie’s prior owner. Reading the letter made him upset, and it entirely changed his perspective.

The original letter revealed that the guy had given the letter to the shelter on the condition that it be opened only by Reggie’s new owner. In the letter, the prior owner discussed the factors that will aid in his bonding with the dog. The first is that he is a huge fan of tennis balls. He has the appearance of a squirrel because of the way he hoards tennis balls.

He generally has two in his mouth and is attempting to obtain a third. He warns against throwing the ball on the road since it is quite risky. Reggie understands orders like as sit, stay, come, and heel, according to the letter. He also understands a few hand signs.

Reggie has been fed modest amounts of food and enjoys small bits of hot dogs. The individual has been to Iraq, and the dog has inspired him to do something noble. He also claims that he will be unable to say his final goodbyes to his Tank. Finally, he wishes Tank well and begs that he give him a nice home and an additional kiss.

Paul Mallory, the former owner, gave his life in Iraq a few months ago, and he may be awarded a Silver Star posthumously for risking his life to save three friends.

The man’s eyes welled up with emotions as he read the letter, and he turned to face the dog, whom he addressed as ‘Tank.’ The dog was quick to respond and his eyes were glowing.

The dog then came with 3 tennis balls in his jaws when the guy begged him to fetch some. The former Owner’s letter persuaded the guy to reconsider surrendering the dog to a shelter, and the two remained together. This tale was quite touching, and it made our hearts melt to learn how much he missed his prior owner.

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The letter from the former owner affected on the man and he changed his mind about returning the dog to the shelter
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