Amazing Pit Bull Gently Watches Over Newborn Babies (Video)

Everyone who has domectic dogs, knows that they are excellent babysitters and companions for babies. Anyone who has spent time with a dog as a child understands that their devotion and care for them is pure and unlike anything else in the world.

You have probably heard that Pit Bull’s reputation is not so good, especially when it comes to kids, and most people would be hesitant to entrust their newborns them. However, one family uploaded a video of their ‘nanny’ dogs being calm and friendly around youngsters.

And the footage shows that this dog is nothing more than a true friend to his two little babies.

With two infants covered on a blanket near him, the pittie was twisted while resting down. The exhausted dog appears to be about to nod for a brief report when the babies start crying. The dog needs to check them instinctively, sniffing them and softly touching them, calming lovely souls. It’s a sight to behold.

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Amazing Pit Bull Gently Watches Over Newborn Babies (Video)
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