A woman burns 90% of her body to rescue her lovely dog

Laiha Slayton is amazing person. She is very brave and has a big heart. She even risked her life to save her pet.  She was relocating to Ohio to begin a new career as a dental assistant. Woodraw, her father, and Chevy and Rusty, her Shih Tzus, accompanied her on the car journey.

Laiha and Woodraw had never visited Yellowstone National Park before, so they made the decision to stop for a visit. However, what should be a happy memory developed into a terrifying reality. Rusty broke free from his leash and became stuck in a boiling thermal spring. Slayton rushed in after him without thinking  about her own safety. She is now in a serious condition.

The family stopped in Madison Junction, Yellowstone, on their journey. Chevy and Rusty leaped out of the automobile and calmly waited by Laiha’s feet as she grabbed for the dogs’ leashes. Before Laiha could get the leashes, Rusty’s foot was burned by a seep from a nearby geyser. The dog became frightened and rushed into the Maiden’s Grave Spring, which has a temperature of roughly 200 ℉.

Woodraw snatched Chevy and stuffed him into the car, but then he noticed his daughter following Rusty into the hot spring. He dashed at her and yanked her as swiftly as he could to the shore. He drove her and the dogs to West Yellowstone, Montana, but Laiha needed to be sent to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center’s Burn Center.

Woodraw was not able to be with his daughter, so despite having a burns on his foot, he went the dogs to the vet. He wants them to live since he knows how much they mean to her. Chevy was unharmed, but Rusty got to serious burns and passed away. Chevy, according to Laiha’s relatives, is quite upset over his brother’s absence.

Doctors had to place Laiha into an induced coma because she had 90 percent of her body covered with burns. They assess that second-degree burns cover 70% of her body, while 3rd degree burns cover 20%. She’s had many procedures to remove dead skin and implant it with corpse skin grafts to help in the growth of new skin.

“My family has been affected.” “There are no words to explain the emotions when my mom received the information from my father that my sister had been transported to the hospital,” Laiha’s sister, Kamilla Slayton, said. “I can’t really imagine how difficult it was for my father to remove her out of that situation so quickly and hear her screaming when it happened.”

Laiha is still unaware that Rusty did not survive since she will be in a coma for at least 2 – 3 weeks. She’ll be in the hospital for several months, and her family members will be remaining in Idaho with her while she heals.

The medical, veterinarian, and travel expenditures were far more than the family could afford. As a result, Kamilla set up a GoFundMe website where people could give. They met their $45,000 target, but have subsequently increased it to $200,000 after learning how long Laiha would require medical care, including rehabilitation, following her hospital stay.

“I’ve learnt to live every day as if it were your last,” Kamilla remarked. “My sister is always unselfish, putting others before herself.” She enjoyed taking care of others and used this as a way to express her affection. That girl is really brave and has experienced a lot.”

Many people pointed out that Yellowstone has multiple warnings urging visitors to keep their pets under control and stay away from thermal baths, but Kamilla tells everyone that none of it matters right now. The past is unchangeable, and the Slayton family understands the need of being cautious in the future. No one is flawless, and mistakes are certain to occur. As a result, rather than pronouncing judgment, we should concentrate on wishing Laiha a swift recovery.

Laiha Slayton has undergone various procedures and has just been awakened from her coma a few weeks after being admitted to the hospital. She is continuing to make progress and is grateful for all of the support and encouragement she has received.

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A woman burns 90% of her body to rescue her lovely dog
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