After 500 days in a shelter, the loneliest dog is still looking for his forever home

There are a lot of dogs which live in shelters because no one wants to adopt them. You can imagine already how sad and depressing is their life.  They do not have the same advantages as the dogs at home. If the time in the shelter is prolonged, it gets more complicated because no one wants to take them.

So Hattie, the loneliest dog wh lives in London, is still eagerly waiting for a permanent home after spending a sad 500 days in cages.

She has become the RSPCA’s Southridge Animal Centre in Potters Bar’s longest-serving pet thanks to her extended stay. The two-year-old cocker spaniel arrived to the shelter in August 2020. Her former owners had a lot of issues with her attitude. It’s not like she wasn’t given up for adoption.

In December 2020, she was adopted, but fate had other plans for her. When her owners were unable to deal with her, she was quickly went back to the shelter. The personnel at the shelter, on the other hand, has a another impression about her.

Cathie Southridge describes her as a “lovely child” who is unhappy that they were unable to offer her a forever home due to her special requirements. It wasn’t her fault that she had a lot of energy.

Cocker spaniels are working dogs, and the RSPCA is searching for knowledgable people who can take on her duty and direct her energy properly.

Mrs. Ward describes the dog as “amazing,” adding that she “doesn’t get irritated quickly” and is “very active.” Perhaps she was in the incorrect hands, with people who couldn’t comprehend her. She will be a treasure when she is in proper care. We sincerely hope that Hattie will find a loving permanent home.

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After 500 days in a shelter, the loneliest dog is still looking for his forever home
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