After receiving eye surgery, a blind rescue dog saw her owner for the first time

We all know that illness and disease are unavoidable parts of life, and many of us can tell to how tough it is to cope with them. It can, however, be as tough as it is for people. Animals, particularly dogs, can find it just as tough, if not more so.

The harsh fact is that the worse a dog’s health is, the greater the psychological, physical, and financial burden on its owner; this is why so many pets end up left or forgotten in shelters and on the streets.

Get some tissues ready because this story may lead you to cry.

Olive’s story is similar to other situations of sick dogs roaming the streets. So one day Cocker Spaniel was discovered wandering alone and defenseless in the streets of Los Angeles, experiencing severe cataracts that had severely negatively affected her vision.

Blindness resulted from olive eye illness. Despite the fact that it is easily treatable, Olive was thought to have had the illness for at 3 years, leading her to wander in the dark nearly exclusively due to a lack of medical treatment.

Without a family or support, the puppy’s future appeared to be terrible.
That is, until Holly Emmerson and her hubby Bart crossed the road with Olive, their puppy.

Holly and Bart ultimately got Olive the therapy she needed after agreeing to adopt her and bringing her home. The pair hailed Olive’s first sighting following her editing operation as “such a fantastic experience to watch” and “the sweetest thing ever!”

Olive has never met her mother before!

Olive developed glaucoma immediately after her corrective operation, which necessitated the amputation of both of her eyes.

Olive, despite her difficulties and sorrows, seemed to have lived her finest life.

She is presently residing in Spain with Holly and Bart, and it appears that Emmerson is just as fascinated with her as she is with herself, as he recently told their supporters:

“We are very thankful she is in our lives because she brings so much pleasure and love into our home every day.” It wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for her.”

It’s a roller coaster ride with a pleasant ending.

Olive had witnessed the world and all of its wonders directly, even if it was only for a little while. She continues to be adored and enjoys a pleasant life.

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After receiving eye surgery, a blind rescue dog saw her owner for the first time
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