No one wanted to adopt this husky because of her “odd” appearance, but everything has changed when shelter members posted a sad message on Facebook

Jubilee is a one-of-a-kind tiny dog that is constantly hesitant with others, but beyond that quiet exterior hides a beautiful, caring dog who only wants to be loved for himself.

Jubilee was transferred to a rescue shelter in New Jersey around two years ago after her breeder said he couldn’t sell her because she “looked odd.”

Born with a genetic issue with her eyelids, she was born cross-eyed and often appeared “surprised.” Yet, in the past, this has made her a subject of
Jubilee has endured years of difficult living conditions at a shelter, unable to find a permanent home and living in constant suffering.

All of that changed, however, when the rescue organization where she was cared for, Husky House, came up with the idea of posting her heartbreaking story on Facebook.

With words like “I hope I were gorgeous so someone would want me to be their dog” and “Anyone want a cute husky?” the article, written from Jubilee’s perspective, was immensely emotional. “I wish I had my own family that could adore me no matter how ugly I am.”

To Husky House’s shock, the post drew the attention of a large number of people, swiftly became viral and it has been shared over 45,000 times and garnered over 25,000 comments, the most of which were favorable remarks about Jubilee’s Unique Looks.

They showered Jubilee with love and care, and many said she wasn’t unattractive — she was lovely in her own way.

“At first, she was timid, but after you treat her to a meal, she becomes your greatest buddy!” Husky House expressed his opinion. “When she warms up, she is a wonderful dog that loves everyone.”

Jubilee is apprehensive of people who could perceive her as “odd” solely because of her appearance, having been rejected several times in the past.

Jubilee’s fate suddenly changed for the better, owing to her rescuers’ unwavering dedication. She’s been matchmaking with her family members for as long as she can remember, after many adoptions!

Husky House provided an addendum to the original post, writing:

“Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word about Jubilee’s story. In a delightful new life, she has found her forever home with previous Husky House adopters and her new animal companions!

We’re delighted Jubilee came to a joyful conclusion. She now has a fantastic family who adores her and can constantly tell her that she is perfect in her own way and will always be attractive to them.