The puppy was discovered in a zipped suitcase left in a park

A dog who was found in a suitcase and left in a cold park was surprisingly discovered to be in fine condition. Joggers passing through a Toronto park observed a suitcase on the road and were shocked when it moved. The runners noticed a little Jack Russell terrier mix inside the suitcase when they unzipped it. When they encountered the dog, they were on a rarely trail in Lambton Park, Etobioke.

In this situation, one of the joggers was a supporter of Black Dog Rescue, a Canadian animal rescue group, and he called them for help.

Black Dog Rescue posted photos of the orphaned dog on Facebook in the hope of locating the person who left him. The following was written on the board.
On Saturday morning, hikers (who also happen to be BDR enthusiasts) spotted a luggage in Lambton Park, Etobicoke. The suitcase began to move when they went near enough. Inside, they could hear a dog whimpering.

They determined that the suitcase had been thrown down the hill above which they found it. They were able to follow the suitcase’s drag marks for about 200 m after climbing the incline. It brought them all the way to the Lambton Arena parking lot’s back end. It’s likely that the perpetrator arrived from one of the nearby apartment blocks or drove to the stadium parking lot to get rid of her.

They were running in a location that was not very populated for the season. She would have passed away  from harsh weather if the temperature had not been warmer than usual. She had obviously recently given birth to puppies. She was examined for the existence of a microchip but found to be devoid of one. She has been well cared after by Animal Services.

The officers have been summoned, but they won’t be able to do anything unless they find something on the CCTV cameras in the area. As a result, they need to try and locate her owners so the authorities may talk with them. It is important that whoever did this to her be held accountable.

The dog, luckily, does not appear to have been harmed or mis.t..reated in any manner. On the other side, dog lovers and officials are baffled by her horrific situation, pointing out that there are simple and direct ways to take a dog to a shelter. However, numerous keen readers noticed that the dog’s neck appears to be devoid of an imprint, possibly indicating that she formerly wore a collar. The dog is perhaps 5 to 7 years old and has no microchip or identification collar.

Later this week, when the dog is in Animal Services’ custody, a vet will do a full medical exam on it. During this process , she will not be available for adoption.

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