A brave woman puts her life on the line to save a dog from being drowned by two men

In Thomasville, Georgia, a woman went out for a simple bicycle ride when she observed a horrifying incident. Two men were carrying something under the water of a brook, she saw. When she came closer , s he saw they were holding a dog   She frightened them away in a panic, riksing her life.  Fortunately, the woman was unharmed, and she also rescued the dog.

Miss Hicks, the Pit Bull, is doing a lot better now. It’s unknown who those folks were or why they tried to het rid of her.

The woman shouted at two men who were attempting to drown an innocent puppy. They were shocked and bolted, leaving the dog behind. As they rushed away in their car, the males almost struck with the woman. Altough it was really
dangerous for woman to scream, but luckily men run away.

She pulled the scared dog from the water and phoned for assistance. She then calmed the dog while waiting for animal services officer Lauren Warburton to arrive. They cooperated together to get Miss Hicks into the car securely. The dog was dirty, wet, and terrified, according to Warburton. As a result, the Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society’s personnel had to be very gentle.

“It did take the time to give her a sponge shower because I didn’t want to put her in water after everything she’d been through,” Jessica Collins, animal care manager, said. “All they want is care, and they desire to be with a family that will care deeply for them for the rest of their life.”

Miss Hicks’ terrible story will now have a happy conclusion, according to the shelter workers. Since her arrival, she has gone a long way. The 4-year-old puppy was initially afraid and shocked, but she is now very happy and caring toward the humans who look after her.

Miss Hicks was rescued by a woman who asked to remain anonymous, but she is supporting the dog’s adoption cost and heartworm treatments. Everyone involved is thankful for the compassionate stranger who was brave enough to confront them and help a dog, and they hope that every person will do the same for dogs because they deserve it.

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A brave woman puts her life on the line to save a dog from being drowned by two men
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