Within hours of each other, a man and his faithful dog passed away

It’s no surprise that dogs are regarded as the finest companions of people  on the earth. Relationships between owners and their pets are essential, and are sometimes unbreakable.

Daniel Hove and his faithful dog Gunner had shared a lifetime of adventures together, but when Gunner sensed his loving master’s de.a.t.h was near, he couldn’t imagine living without him.

Daniel Hove was a well-known fireman who spent most of his career in the Air Force before returning to his hometown of Burnsville to help his community.

His daughter Heather remarked, “He was someone that his department truly counted on to create, teach, train, and stay up with new fire-fighting technologies.”

Sadly, the brave and seasoned fireman was forced to retire in 2012 after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2011. Daniel was surrounded by loved ones when he got his cancer diagnosis, including his dog, Gunner. Hove’s 11-year-old puppy was nearly always by his side. They appeared to be very connected.

Unfortunately, Hove’s health deteriorated rapidly in his later years. Despite the fact that Gunner is a 90-pound dog, the two were still hugging.

“Until the very end, they were great friends.” They went on hunting trips with their best pals and traveled everywhere together.

Because the two were inseparable, it’s no wonder that Gunner became ill; Hove is nearing the end of his life.

Heather claimed she noticed Gunner was about to give up the battle one day when she glanced at him. Then there was the day that everyone feared. Gunner’s departure was simply a matter of time for the family.

“My father was not responding; the dog was not reacting,” she explained. So we know it’s approaching when we observe that a dog doesn’t move much anymore and isn’t functioning well.

“I contacted my old vet,” she explained, “and they got me in straight soon, and I took him up there, put him to sleep.” My father followed suit about an hour and a half later.

The veteran’s daughter was obviously devastated by her father’s d.e.a.t.h., but she was thankful that he didn’t have to suffer when he lost his buddy in the end. Gunner’s mental breakdown, and eventually his health, she feels, is the result of her dad’s disease, since the two can’t take being apart.

“I said I’m not sure what would pain him more,” I continued, “trying to put him to sleep – to stop his misery, or letting him live the day his father is going to pass away.” We knew they’d complement each other. We just didn’t realize we’d be separated by hours.”

“Gunner wouldn’t be the same without my father,” Nicoletti added. “I believe he chose to accompany him.”

At the very least, they had each other during their final days. It must have been reassuring to their family to know that they were in paradise together.

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Within hours of each other, a man and his faithful dog passed away
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