Asian woman believes her baby is the reincarnation of her dog because of a birthmark

We all know that it is really hard to deal with the loss of a loved person and pets. Not seeing that person again causes major grief and can lead to melancholy, however it should be noted that each individual grieves in their own unique way.

Accepting loss may be incredibly costly when you love yourself too much, whether that absent individual is your mom, sibling, or even a pet.

As in the case of a woman who misplaced her pet and now believes he has been reborn.

As weird and unbelievable as it may sound, Ms. Wang’s dog’s loss was not a simple one for her. Only the excitement of her son’s coming gave her the power to continue, but the baby’s delivery came as a complete surprise to her.

He mistook the infant for his dog because of a mark on the kid.

The dog  was a samoyed and his name was Renault.  Renault was the girl’s constant friend for more than a decade, and he even joined her to her new house when they married.

So, when the dog passed away, Mrs. Wang was in horrible pain. The lady even had a memorial stone constructed on the place where Renault’s ashes are interred.

Months had passed since the dog had gone, and the mother was getting ready to give birth to her kid, whom she now believes is the furry one’s reincarnation.

Wang’s thoughts are based on a place on one of Renault’s front legs, notably the left one, that looks eerily identical to the one on his newborn kid.

Despite the fact that some have labeled her as insane, there is no other answer but reincarnation. For Wang, the fact that her child was born with a mark on his left hand that is identical to Renault’s is just too strange.

This is the proof you give to back up your claim.

Disgusted by the circumstances, the Asian woman posted her story on the Furr Lovers PH Facebook page. Following that, several users questioned her mental state, while others believed her that such a coincidence had to be explained.

The birthmarks are quite similar.

The synchronicity astounds many people who see their photos.

Mrs. Wang is also content with the idea that her dog is possessing her son’s body. This thinking has given him back the peace and joy that he had lost after Renault’s loss.

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Asian woman believes her baby is the reincarnation of her dog because of a birthmark
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