Such a lovely moment! A stray cat chooses a dog to be her mom

Family members aren’t only considered to be the ones with whom you are blood-related.

And motherhood isn’t only referred to humans, it is referred to animal creatures.

Bailey is a senior dog knows what is a motherhood, and we think that she is a great mom.

Her current owner Arthur  adopted  her when she was just only few years old.
She had been used as a breeding dog before being saved. During years she gave birth to puppies but unfortunately she had to part with them.

And despite the fact that she is a senior dog, she is still kind and compassionate.
She’s lately demonstrated everyone, especially her family members that she still possesses the features of a genuine furry mom.

So Bailey relocated to a new house with her family in the countryside a few months ago, and that’s when everything began.

One day Bailey’s family saw a wild cat who was living in a gully behind the property.
They decided to put food outside of their yard in order to prove their suspicion. But they found nothing, not even a sign of anything.

They had no idea that their  dog was doing her own research.

The two were discovered on the veranda, snuggled together. They appeared to be enjoying the time together, comfortably sharing one other’s presence.

Would you ever think that a dog and cat can be bff?

I mean, haven’t we seen or heard anything similar before? Do you have any stories of bond between two different animal species?

“Bailey’s never befriended a wild animal before,” Arthur explained when asked how their dog ended up befriending a cat. It only goes to demonstrate how devoted she is to her family. She’s always been a sweetheart.”

Despite the fact that it’s impossible to say whether the cat was homeless, the family chose to adopt the stray cat.

They welcomed the cat with big excitement, especially their senior dog. This example shows the type of family they are and how devoted Bailey is.

They settled on the moniker “Kitten-Kitten” for their new family member.
“Kitten-Kitten nowadays is living with us and she is our family member,” Arthur explained. “She follows Bailey around as a puppy.”

Bailey’s puppies were taken away from her, unlike when she was still a breeding dog. This time everything was different; she’ll be a feline mother — for about as long as Cat needs.

“Kitten-Kitten loves being inside and socializing with everybody, but especially Bailey,” Arthur remarked.

Bailey and Kitten-Kitten saved each other in the matter of time.
The poor cat would have been left suffering in the cold if Bailey hadn’t rescued her.

Kitten-Kitten also rescued Bailey since she would now be able to be a full-time mother, something she has never done before.

They spend happy time together and Bailey could feel the motherhood things.

Another lovely story about a cat that selected a dog as her mother.

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Such a lovely moment! A stray cat chooses a dog to be her mom
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