A sick dog is brought back to life with the help of kind chimpanzees

Jenny and Jim Desmond manage the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue in West Africa, so they know a little bit about protecting animals.

Jenny was traveling through the streets of a rural Liberian town one day when she came upon a little fur baby in desperate need of assistance.

Jenny and her husband brought the wounded puppy, named Snafu, back to the shelter, where they provided her with the medical care she required.

Snafu, on the other hand, was in bad shape;  she was not only hungry, but she also had illnesses and worms, so they continued to keep an eye on her, worried if she would survive.

Snafu’s eyes had brightened and her skin had healed in just a few days, so the pair thought she was ready to be presented to the other sanctuary animals.

They had no idea how well she’d get along with the others.

Snafu was quickly adored by the chimps, who not only loved and assisted her, but they were always happy to play with her.

The chimps continued to keep a watch on Snafu as she grew bigger and stronger, but they couldn’t snuggle her like they used to.

Once she was completely recovered, Jenny found Snafu a permanent home with her cousins in Colorado.

She now lives in a happy family with two sisters, a loving mother and father, and it’s all owing to a caring sanctuary and  loving chimps.

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A sick dog is brought back to life with the help of kind chimpanzees
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