This blind dog’s only friend is also his own guide!

Unfortunately, there are animals with disabilities. This time it is a cute dog who is blind. Luckily he has his own guide dog, who is now his greatest buddy and assists him navigate.

For the last year, Amos, a staffy cross, and Toby, a poodle mix, have been close, with Toby guarding Amos from those other dogs and sometimes even assisting him in finding his water dish.

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Jess Martin, HR manager for Cheshire Fire and Rescue, took Amos from the rescue center where she was helping in August of last year.

While Toby was first apprehensive of Amos, he eventually came to love and defend him — and became his only friend.

Jess has got Toby 9 years ago since he was a gift from her family for her 18th birthday, and she just met Amos last year after he was born at the dogs’ home where she volunteered.

Amos , unfortunately was born blind, and Jess knew it’d be hard to find him a home.

“Toby was the sweetest gift I ever got,” Jess added.

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“We were a little anxious about how tolerant he would be of Amos because he is very individual and prefers his own privacy.”

“I felt it would be tough to locate an owner, so we chose to adopt him  last year while Amos was in hospital treatment for 4 months, but after a while we realized that we want him to stay with us.

“Amos comes from a shelter and does not really know how to socialize with other pets, so Toby snarled at him a several times before ignoring him.”

“Amos couldn’t locate his water glass after a few of days, so Toby pushed it and assisted him to find and drink a water.”

Jess and her freight agency partner Billy Howe, , decided to adopt Toby after noticing that he had accustomed to him and had even become his sole companion.

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Because he had issues with his sight, his eyes had to be removed, but he was lucky to have Toby by his side, who never left him and was very watchful of him.

Since then, the two hikers have gone on several trips together, with Amos supporting Toby whenever he requires assistance.

“When we went on hikes, Amos was quite terrified, especially of sounds, and Toby immediately picked up on the fact that he needed assistance – so every time Amos stopped, Toby would go and sleep next to him until he was ready,” Jess explained.

“They’ve built a good working relationship and are aware of one other’s limitations.”

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“Amos’ primary issue is that other dogs don’t like when they meet him, which is reasonable considering that he can’t interact in the same manner as them, therefore he doesn’t have any other buddies.”

“Amos is still a little nervous when he’s outside in crowded locations – that’s why we all go on trips so he can grow acclimated to being outside in a more peaceful environment.”

“We refer to Toby as his ‘bodyguard,’ since he is constantly there to protect him.

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This blind dog’s only friend is also his own guide!
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