Two shelter puppies were set to be eu.t.h.a.nized, but thanks to a social media post, they were rescued

It’s incredible how a single snapshot can transform someone’s life, as it did for two shelter canines. Kala and Keira were forced to sleep together as sheltermates, and with nothing else to do, they quickly became inseparable.

They were completely devoted to one another. Unfortunately, the two were staying in a ki.l.l.-shelter, and their time was running short. That’s when it all began to change with a fast click of the camera, and the two were given a second chance at life.

They were at the Etowah County Humane Society, and they were about to be put down the next day when staffers determined to take a photo and make the last appeal for their lives on their social media platform.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue was alerted to the two shelter pups when the shelter informed them that they had regrettably reached their “timeline.” It was their final day, and they were about to be put to sleep.

With time running out, the rescue organization re-shared the popular photo with a text that reminded readers about their terrible journey from Kala’s viewpoint in an emotionally-driven attempt to save the two shelter canines from de.a.t.h. row.

Angels Among Us claims that it took precisely 2 hours and 6 minutes from the time their article was uploaded to the time they were walking away from imminent d.e.a.t.h. When a guy spotted the image on the rescue’s Facebook page, he quickly contacted them and said he was on his way to pick them up.

Sadly, he could only adopt the happy shelter dogs until they could find a forever home, so their struggles were beginning to ease, but they were far from done.

The two shelter pups eventually found their forever homes in October, three months after their image was uploaded on social sites, and the match couldn’t have been more wonderful.

Pam Cody and Wendy Newman aren’t just best friends; they’re also housemates, which was ideal since now Kala and Keira would have their own parents while still being able to keep each other!

Cody and Newman talk about the circumstances leading up to their adoption. They had spotted the ad for Kala and Kiera seeking forever homes earlier this summer, but they already had two dogs to care for.

Then, in a terrible yet beautiful turn of events, both of their pets passed away within a few days of each other. When they found out that Kala and Kiera had yet to meet their future family, they resolved to make a difference for the shelter canines.

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Two shelter puppies were set to be eu.t.h.a.nized, but thanks to a social media post, they were rescued
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