Video! A brave dog saves a young boy from drowning

A brave dog from South Australia rescued a drowning youngster. The boy was swimming in the Port Noarlung river when he became entangled in the stream and dragged a chunk of rock out of the water. Fortunately, the dog saw him and dragged him to safety.

Max, a mixed breed bulldog, was at the beach with his father, Rob Osborn, and his sibling on a bright day. Rob, who was resting on the riverside at the time, observed the baby terrified and realized he had to move swiftly to assist him. However, just as he was ready to leap into the sea, he observed Max approaching the youngster.

“When he got into difficulty, Max was simply swimming about, wearing a life jacket, having a fantastic time,” Rob told the journalists. “As the tide receded, it washed the youngster over all the huge boulders and into a chaotic section of the river.”

Max approached the child in seconds he  encouraged by the dog’s owner, grabbed Max’s life jacket, and the two were able to swim back to shore. “He’s absolutely a hero,” Rob stated. He isn’t aware of it.” He’s only following orders… he’s doing what he enjoys most — swimming!”

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Video! A brave dog saves a young boy from drowning
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