A caring dog “adopts” five cheetah cubs after they lose their mom

The 5 babies – three boys and two girls – were born in the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s Cheetah Breeding Facility, where their mom, was a regular guest. Sadly, the 5-year-old daughter passed away a few weeks after giving birth due to some circumstances.

The staff did all they could to keep the cubs safe. The cubs must stay near to their mothers throughout their first few weeks of their life. They also brought the babies to the hospital, where they were given the greatest  medical care and were constantly  fed.

The staff’ primary concern, though, was maintaining their body temperature. They merely needed their mom’s warmth to survive.

That’s when Blakely entered.

Blakely, a wonderful dog, gave them a second opportunity.

The first time he saw the babies, he and they struck an immediate bond. Blakely gives them the warmth of a mom, and the children seem to love snuggling and climbing on him.

It is such a beautiful event where the dog may assist other animals.

Animal creatures are more sympathetic and nicer than many people… This is very stunning!

It is incredible that all animals, regardless of species, would look after one another. There is no discrimination among them, and they are all equal. We, as humans, can learn a lot from them.

Watch their amazing video below!


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A caring dog “adopts” five cheetah cubs after they lose their mom
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