A loving dog accompanies her little owner to the bus station every morning

Dogs are our best buddies; they love us and will stay loyal to us till the end of time. These furry creatures are known for creating tight and soothing bonds, especially with babies.

It’s unknown why this bond grows; maybe because dogs have protective instincts, or because youngsters are kinder to them and allow them to do anything they want?

Whatever the reason is, seeing a child and a dog having fun together is one of the most beautiful sights one can see.

A delightful video was shared on social media, demonstrating how dogs can both defend and brighten our lives. In the posted video, you can see an English Mastiff caring for his young human sibling, and it’s a lovely sight.

Gordon, a lovely dog, recognizes how gloomy the outside world may be, so he walks his little sister to the bus stop every morning. He doesn’t just stroll with her and then swiftly return; instead, he remains until the little girl is securely inside the bus before departing.

This is completely natural, since we all know that older brothers are supposed to protect their younger siblings, and this child is really lucky that her furry brother likes her and is worried for her safety.