The Giant Saint Bernard carries his little sister on his back anywhere she wishes

For a small little puppy like Lulu, the world was a difficult place to live in.

And it’s “because she was too little to be on her own,” with even easy things like walking proving tough for her.

Things had changed when the small Japanese Chin met Blizzard, a massive Saint Bernard.

Despite his 126-pound stature, Blizzard is a very kind creature who began to watch over Lulu like a big brother from the moment they met.

Even if that involves carrying her on his back in order to look after her, she will do it.

“She likes to lay on his back, and she got used to it over time,” owner David Mazzarella told Metro.

“She’d jump around a lot when he woke up, seeking to jump on his back, where she felt most at peace.”

Thanks to her kind brother, Lulu may now go on trips anytime she wishes.

It couldn’t have been any other way with a bro like Blizzard, who is happy to side with all of his sister’s needs.

David stated, “Blizzard is the most laid-back dog I’ve ever encountered; he tolerates anything.” Lulu is the family’s pants-wearer, and Blizzard is a total sweetheart.

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