The dog’s owners had given up hope of finding him when he suddenly emerged in the middle of the street

Jasper did something unusual and fled his family’s yard, which concerned his parents, Mary and Brent.

So they went off to search the Pyrenees for their Great Pyrenees. However, it wasn’t until three days later that they began to lose hope and fear that they would never see their lovely puppy again.

Jasper had passed the Columbia River at least 3 times during those three days. As the searches became a neighborhood operation, the dog would be seen on one side before disappearing on the other. This reassured Mom and Dad that he was still alive, and they continued forward.

Mary would mention to Brent that they should pause one more time while exploring. “Why would we stop?” he said to her. This isn’t Hollywood. It’s not as if the dog will suddenly appear in the middle of the road.

But that is precisely what would occur. When this large white dog emerged from the center of the street and approached them, the two couldn’t believe their eyes!