When a husky became extremely miserable and kept pulling her owner’s clothes in a “panic,” she realized that something had happened

A courageous Husky has been praised as a hero for finding and saving seven newborn kittens that were left inside a cardboard box in the woods.

Banner is a Siberian Husky dog that served as a mental and medical support dog for his mom, Whitney Braley. She has lived with Whitney since she was a puppy and has been trained to be attentive during PTSD and anxiety attacks. Whitney had anxiety episodes as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder, and Banner helped her relax and steer clear of busy areas.

Banner’s superpower with her assistance dog, however, is not exceptional. She is a regular service dog throughout the day, but when she is on the job, she assists animals in need. That’s basically what occurred when she attempted to save newborn kittens from d.e.a.t.h in a carton in the woods near their house.

When Banner became really unhappy and was ripping her clothing in a “panic” condition, Whitney Braley realized something was wrong. She followed her tenacious dog into the neighboring woods, only to see Banner whirling around in a cardboard box.

Whitney claimed her puppy jumped into the box when she opened it and took out a little white kitten, but she was surprised to find six more ‘almost li.f.e.l.ess’ kittens inside.

Whitney claimed Banner didn’t want to leave their side after they returned to their house in Menlo, Georgia, USA with the newborn babies. As if she was their mom, the dog insisted on washing, snuggling, and resting with the seven kittens.

“They must have been put in a carton box with the top securely closed and left to d.i.e.”

Anyone who left kittens there obviously did not want them to be discovered. The kittens were rescued because of Banner’s supernatural abilities. Whitney initially assumed they were d.e.ad because there was no movement or sound, but then she observed they began to wriggle.

“It irritates me that anyone can do that to these helpless little animals.” What a horrible and awful world.”

Banner has not left the kittens since that day, adopting them as his own.

As Whitney told Bored Panda, “She was incredibly excellent.” Thankfully, all kittens find loving families and will cherish them for the rest of their lives. I’m overjoyed that, thanks to Banner, these cats will now be adopted by loving homes.

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When a husky became extremely miserable and kept pulling her owner’s clothes in a “panic,” she realized that something had happened
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