A thankful condor has returned to thank the man who saved his life years ago

We frequently feel that a wild animal and a person cannot be friends.

The mere existence of wild creatures in our minds, however faint, gives the message that they should be feared and avoided in order to prevent harming us. Our assumptions were completely inaccurate. At times, humans and animals may be the best of friends.

They form close bonds with one another, just as we do with our domestic pets.After all, we share the same habitat, and no matter how “wild” the species is, we should be watching out for one another.

This Argentinean had no idea how strong his attachment to this condor was.

Condors are a kind of vulture, with the exception that they are bigger.

Condors are a kind of vulture, with the exception that they are bigger. Condors are divided into two species in North and South America: the California Condor (North America) and the Andean Condor (South America) (South America).

In the wild, vultures are disliked because they feed on animal carcasses. While they seldom at.t.a.ck people, if they are in their domain, they can cause harm.

That is why Edgardo and Condorito’s odd friendship was discovered.

On his farm in Loncopué, Argentina, he discovered the condor chick. The girl was in horrible shape due to an injured leg and was unable to return. He brought the condor home and cared for him until he was able to fly again.

Edgardo attempted to seek assistance from Argentina’s authorities.

The Department of Fauna provided him with some condor information. They estimated he was a few months old and had become separated from his parents.

A Buenos Aires zoo also offered assistance, but Edgardo rejected it. He thought the condor belonged in the wild rather than in a zoo.

Edgardo battled for Condorito’s release and let him settle in the neighboring woods, where he could quickly search for food, because the little condor was slowly healing and developing.

Edgardo released the condor in its original environment when it had fully healed.

He returned after a long time, as if to thank the guy who had rescued him. This has happened on several occasions. The condor seemed to think that this location was still his home in some way.

The condor was quite fond of Edgardo, as you can see in the video below.

Condorito approached Edgardo, spreading his wings and yearning for a hug. His savior can’t help but grin at this gesture, as well as the fact that it recognized him after spending so much time in its native home.

Edgardo approached the bird and checked his well-being.

Condorito answered with embraces and kisses, despite the fact that they did not speak the same language. He moved in closer to Edgardo, spreading his wings wider and trying to give him a delicate peck on the neck.

Their exchange was both unexpected and pleasant. Take a look at the video below.