Before his last breath, the rescued lion wanted to see his Savior one more time..

Many stories about animal creatures’ thankfulness for their saviors have been told. Some of them can make us weep and change our thoughts totally towards animals. The following narrative will perhaps give you a better understanding of wildlife creatures. One of the most moving examples of animal-human connection.

Ana Julia Torres is in charge of animal care at Villa Lorena, an animal shelter. There are around 800 creatures in Villa Lorena, but Jupiter the lion is her favorite.

Former owners have m.i.s.t.r.eated the majority of the animals in the shelter. They were crippled or had lost limbs, and others were blind or had lost an eye. The lion Jupiter will be no exception. Before he was saved from the circus, he had been mi.stre.ated for years. The poor creature had his nails removed at the time, lost faith in humans, and even acquired a fear of human contact. Jupiter visited Ana and was looked after by her. Jupiter’s anxiety subsided, and he returned to being a healthy lion.

Sadly, all of the fit lions were relocated to Monteria’s Los Caimanes Zoo. Jupiter had to take the lion away from Ana due to her alleged lack of documents to keep it.

In the Los Caimanes zoo, the lion quickly lost weight and got ill. Jupiter was sent to the Cali Zoo to obtain better care from veterinarians in order to save his life. This location is also closer to Ana. He had been diagnosed with liver cancer and anemia, and he was desperate to meet his rescuer one last time before he passed away.

Jupiter passed away in 2020, yet his memory lives on in our hearts.

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Before his last breath, the rescued lion wanted to see his Savior one more time..
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