When this couple decided to adopt a puma and raise it at home, they had no idea what challenges they would face

A Russian couple shares a small room with an imposing and eccentric roommate. Aside from its size, the 90-pound puma is renowned by its nickname.

“Messi is the name of one of soccer’s most well-known players. Mariya and Aleksandr Dmitriev first noticed Messi, the puma, in the Saransk Zoo in Penza. At the time, the adorable kitten was just eight months old.

He was one of 3 babies born in the zoo. To celebrate Moscow’s hosting of four World Cup matches, the other two, Suarez and Neymar, were also named after renowned players.

Messi was just three months old when he was donated to the Saransk Zoo. While he was there, he experienced health issues.

At first sight, the puma steals Mariya and Aleksandr’s hearts. Because of this, they decided to ask the zoo for permission to get him.

His wife, Mariya, says that Aleksandr, who is 38, has wanted a big cat for a long time:

“He’d always wanted a lynx, but never a puma.” It’s difficult to describe, but we think that this puma is a part of our future. ”

We spent three days debating whether it was acceptable to maintain a puma and if it was practical to have one. But nothing could stop our unexpected request, “Miya told the Mirror.”

“So we went to the park and began talking about buying Messi.” When they agreed, we were astonished as well.”

The Dmitriev family, however, faced a big challenge in caring for Messi.

In addition to being a wild animal, the puma needed medical treatment. “He was frail and in need of a lot of care,” Mariya stated.

Messi, like every pet, requires a great deal of attention. He also demands a lot of intense exercise.

His human parents purchased a special coat and harness for him so that he could still go on walks.

“He reminds me of a dog. We gradually began bringing him for walks. “The animal hadn’t been particularly active previously,” Aleksandr said in an RT interview.

“Now, as it should be, we walk a lot twice a day.” In this way, it’s not unlike having a dog. ”

Finding a wild animal trainer wasn’t easy. Finally, the couple discovered a dog training school.

“His actions persuaded us that he is a complete member of our family and that, aside from a few minor misbehaviors, he will not do anything harmful.”

“He’s a nice boy who enjoys making eye contact.” “He gets along with everyone,” Aleksandr explains.

Messi, the puma, is more than a household among his parents. He has more than 600,000 Instagram followers and 1780,000 YouTube subscribers. This isn’t unexpected, given how lovely he is.

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When this couple decided to adopt a puma and raise it at home, they had no idea what challenges they would face
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