A stunning scene! A dolphin jumped out of the water to kiss a dog! 

You’re wrong if you think you’ve seen the prettiest video ever! Because this adorable video will make your heart melt!

A strange thing happened as these two canines were relaxing on a boat with their fur parents. One of the dogs had a unique and memorable experience with the smartest marine.

A curious dolphin is going to get closer to the fluffy animals because they have caught his eye.

The canines couldn’t contain their pleasure when they spotted the big beast standing right in front of them; the marine mammal isn’t the only one that is overjoyed.

What better way of making a new acquaintance than to kiss him or her?

Yes, you read that accurately. The cute dolphin jumps out of the water and kisses one of the dogs. The cautious dolphin then dives back into the water.

But just for a short period, since he comes back with an incredible act that even the dogs didn’t realize.

Luckily, someone managed to photograph the adorable scene. The clip is from the award-winning IMAX film Dolphins in Their Natural Environment, which shows how dolphins live in the wild.

MacGillivray Freeman Films, the founders of the One World, One Ocean Campaign, produced the film “Dolphins.” Here’s the heart-warming moment.

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A stunning scene! A dolphin jumped out of the water to kiss a dog! 
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