When a loyal dog sees her owner returning from the army, she starts crying

We’ve seen innumerable clips of owners and dogs reuniting over the years, but we’re still amazed by how lovely they are. This story features an emotional reunion between a golden retriever and her owner. It will undoubtedly warm your heart and even make you cry. Prepare your tissues, because this is a really emotional video.

Buddy, a 13-year-old Golden Retriever, spent her whole life on this planet with her best friend, Hannah Foraker. Hannah enrolled in the army and traveled to basic training in Oklahoma when she was 21.

Hannah’s heart ached as she said farewell to her canine companion and her horse, Derby. Hannah couldn’t wait to see Buddy when she returned home for Christmas after 3 months at basic training. Buddy’s joy and delight were palpable when she saw Hannah for the second time.

Since Buddy was a puppy, Hannah and Buddy have been together. Buddy is now extremely old, has arthritis, and is mostly deaf, but that won’t stop her from greeting Hannah warmly. She hides her head in Hannah’s knees and starts to cry in joy the moment she sees her after 3 months away. Hannah was obviously moved and proceeded to pet her cherished pet.

“When we opened the door, she ran out and welcomed me and my family, but then did a second take and came back to me,” Foraker explained.

Buddy, as you’ll see, is a living example of how devoted dogs can be. They never forget about the people they care about and provide them “absolute love.” As a result, we must look after our closest friends because they are both friends and family.

In the video below, Buddy and her owner had an emotional reunion.

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When a loyal dog sees her owner returning from the army, she starts crying
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