A brave youngster left his dog at a shelter doorstep with a message inside

True love often means letting go of someone, even if it means breaking both hearts.

To safeguard his precious puppy, a 12-year-old boy from Mexico was obliged to make the sad decision of leaving him on the doorstep of the rescue squad Refugio Xollin. A cardboard box was recently discovered outside a rescue facility.

They discovered a Pitbull puppy inside, as well as a letter explaining why the pet had been left there.

In a Facebook post, the rescue center stated:

“This puppy was placed at the shelter’s front entrance, inside a box, with a soft toy and a letter. The letter was written by a child, who said that his father used to b.e.a.t up on the dog and planned to sell it. So worried was he that he left the dog here to rescue it.

After hearing the heartbreaking explanation, all of the workers decided to post the tale on Facebook.

People came from all around the world to thank the youngster who did it to save a puppy.

According to the message, Andrés, a 12-year-old kid, was identified as the person who left the dog outside. He adores the puppy, but his present position has made him feel unsafe in his own home.

Andrés continues the message by revealing a sad secret: his father is mi.s.t.r.e.a.ting  their dog.

So he and his mom agreed that leaving him close to a rescue shelter was the only way to safeguard him and provide him a better life.

Andrés’ original notes, written in Spanish, read:

“My name is Andrés, and I am 12 years old. My mother and I chose to entrust our dog to you, keeping it from my father, who was considering selling it. He, on the other hand, mi.s.t.r.e.a.ted and ki.s.ked him. He once ki.c.ked him so hard that his tail was injured. I hope you can assist him and look after him. ”

Andrés’ journey is described in depth in the message. The personnel at the shelter could see how much he cared about his dog and were affected by his statements.

They gave the puppy the name Rene, and while caring for him, they realized that his tail was somewhat fractured and suffering from parasites. René, fortunately, now has a strong chance, and the entire team is working hard to ensure that he receives the best care and a suitable home.

Hundreds of adoption requests flooded in after Rene’s tale was posted on Facebook, so it was only a matter of time until he got his forever family.

Andrés made the courageous decision to prioritize the puppy’s health and happiness, even if it meant permanently losing it.

It was a tremendous act of love and kindness, but it was sad and cr.u.e.l that he had been placed in this predicament in the first place. Rene, on the other hand, will no longer be afraid owing to Andrés’ sacrifice.

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A brave youngster left his dog at a shelter doorstep with a message inside
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