A poor, injured dog jumped into his saviour’s arms when he was rescued

A Dog’s Howl volunteers were returning home from the veterinary facility when they noticed an injured dog limping by the side of the road. Before he could approach the deep bush, they came to a halt and rushed toward him.

Rescuers tried their hardest to contact the unfortunate puppy gently since he was hungry and frightened. Instead of running away like other wild dogs, he walked up to the volunteers and almost jumped into their arms.

He wasn’t terrified of them, apparently. He appeared to understand that they weren’t nasty people and were there to assist him. Rescuers transported the poor animal to the clinic, where he was checked.

The results revealed he had a double fracture in his front leg, which required surgery. The fracture was at least a week old, and he was badly malnourished, according to veterinarians.

It was horrible to witness how difficult it was for him to go days without food and with his leg injured. He was e.m.a.c.iated to the point of being skin and bones. He was so hungry that he attempted to devour a box of Kleenex in the car while driving to the doctor.

He underwent surgery, which was happily successful. Metal plates and screws were used to repair the damaged bone. Everything went smoothly, and the dog was able to recuperate.

Howl Of A Dog in Romania is caring for the dog, now named Vlad. He’s roughly two years old, neutered, microchipped, and up to date on his vaccinations. He is a happy boy who takes enjoyment in everything he does. He longs for a home where he might find happiness and safety for the rest of his days.

Here’s the complete rescue:

We are thrilled to share the news that Vlad has been adopted by a wonderful family in Phoenix, Arizona. Take a look at this new video of Vlad in his permanent residence:

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A poor, injured dog jumped into his saviour’s arms when he was rescued
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