A kind teen read a post about a 6-legged puppy whose owner wanted to get rid of him and decided to adopt him

Roo is an 8-week old Labrador mix and was named a kangaroo because of the way she hops about on her rear legs. Roo walks by leaning on her arms and sticking her bottom up in the air.

While her unusual style of moving around might be annoying at times, this is because Roo was born with six legs – 2 additional ones in the front.

Roo was discovered online while being presented by a breeder. Lauren Salmon’s 15-year-old son, was the one who saw his post. The family realized they had to get her right away. They understood that because she was born with a deformity, the breeder would most likely have her e.u.t.h.a.n.ized if Roo couldn’t find a new home.

When Luke and Lauren went to get Roo, she sprang out of her cage and leaped up on her back legs. Roo was overjoyed to see them. Lauren and Luke could see she was full of energy despite her minor flaw immediately.

“She’s full of energy, so we’d characterize her as peaceful but lively.” “There aren’t many dogs like Roo out there,” Lauren told Fox News. “I believe breeders k..i..l…l them because they aren’t worth anything, but she is valuable to us.”

Luke and Roo have been connected since she returned home. And Luke understands what it’s like to be the one left out. The teen guy has psoriasis, a skin disorder that causes him to have red spots on his skin. Luke has been tormented at school as a result of his psoriasis.

But he now has a best buddy, as does Roo. Roo now has a new doggy brother, as well as two cats and two rabbits, in addition to a loving family!

Meanwhile, Lauren is collaborating with Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick to investigate what can be done to aid Roo’s mobility. While her two additional legs make it difficult for Roo to walk normally, they do not cause her any discomfort.

A video of Roo may be seen below: