When the dog came up to the man, he decided to feed her but the dog escaped with food

On the sidewalk, a homeless dog approached a passerby. She most likely had an innate sense that he was a kind guy and chose to ask for lunch. The man fed the dog chicken meat, but he was more concerned in how the dog acted at the time. The dog grabbed the meal and dashed off with a chunk of meat. It was weird, and the young man was fascinated by it.

The man went to investigate what was going on and why the dog had bolted so swiftly. She reappeared after a time and began to request food once more. The man then resolved to reveal her secret at any costs. What the man witnessed was captured on tape. When he discovered what the dog had done with the food, he was stunned.

Food may not always be available to stray animals. Animals seek human assistance when the day is not set and there is nothing to eat. Thankfully, there are still good people happy to share some food with the dog. You can see in this video how the man gave the dog a piece of chicken flesh, but she refused to eat it and bolted. Out of curiosity, the man pursued her. He was particularly curious about where she got the meal. On the surface, the solution was obvious.

The man figured out her secret after monitoring on the dog. The man was taken to one of the yards by the dog. She placed the meat on the ground there. A swarm of pups emerged from beneath the ruins at the same time. Everything turned out to be as easy as counting by twos. The dog was a motherly figure. She considered not only herself, but also her kids.

For the puppies, the gentleman got a bag of meat. They began to surround him and wag their small tails right away. The mother dog felt comfortable since she knew this man could be trusted.

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When the dog came up to the man, he decided to feed her but the dog escaped with food
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