A kid with brain damage does not wake up, and his family is preparing to say “goodbye” until this happens

This isn’t simply a story about how pets make our lives better. It’s a fascinating story that will tug at your heartstrings. Please watch the movie below all the way to the end for an awesome happy ending!

Caleb was driving with his mom and brothers when a careless motorist veered into their lane and collided with their vehicle. Caleb’s mother and both of her children passed away, but six-year-old Caleb successfully survived. Nonetheless, his injuries were serious enough to endanger his life.

Although he was the only one who survived, Caleb had suffered significant injuries. While his broken bones would heal, his traumatic head injury could cause d.e.a.t.h, paralysis, and long-term brain damage. Caleb’s father and grandma tried everything they could to help him, but each day was a challenge.

No one really knew what would happen if these two techniques were combined. The physicians proposed an unconventional treatment using a canine. The medical team wanted to test basic interaction to see whether having a dog by Caleb’s side might inspire movement and, hence, recovery. Caleb’s father accepted, despite his reservations.

Colonel, a golden retriever, provided Caleb with a creative and non-invasive method of obtaining “medication.” Susan, the dog’s trainer, sat calmly beside him. They waited for Caleb to respond in some way, but it didn’t take long.

Even when Colonel wiggled his way practically onto Caleb’s little body to keep him company, and even attempted to mount him while he was sleeping, Caleb responded. His heart rate rose, as did his respiratory function. Something great was occurring, and it was all owing to Colonel, the one change in Caleb’s routine.

When Colonel arrived to see him, the youngster lit up. The medical staff was taken aback. Caleb awoke instantly, anxious to sit up and connect with the cute puppy. Colonel had a strange physical and emotional effect on Caleb.

Colonel and Caleb were playing ball. and laughing! Sure, it needed time and patience, as well as a team of physicians and family members, but Caleb was the one who actually connected with him on another level, which promoted recovery. From here, the story just gets better!

The video below will warm your heart! Please keep watching till the very end!

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A kid with brain damage does not wake up, and his family is preparing to say “goodbye” until this happens
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