An old dog goes to the station every day and waits for hours! The reason behind it is incredible

In those days, dog loyalty became a true legend. These creatures can love people like no other.

We find many amazing stories about the life of a dog whose attachment to its master knows no boundaries. This time we want to tell you about a loyal dog who follows his owner to the metro station every day and then awaits his return from work. Every day for 12 hours, the animal waits at the station’s entrance.

Bear is a great Chinese dog who is already 15 years old and has been living with Chen, his devoted owner, for the last 8 years.

Bear finds it hard to split with his owner, so he follows him to the metro every morning, attempting to spend as much time as he can with him. The bear remains at the station’s doorway, waiting for Chen’s return to be the first to greet him from work. The dog’s attention is focused in the direction where his owner has gone the entire time he is waiting.

While sitting and waiting for his owner, the dog appears depressed and forlorn; he ignores everyone around him and avoids eye contact with humans. Even when starving, the dog will not take food from the hands of strangers.

As soon as Chen emerges into Bear’s range of vision, his grief is replaced by excitement. They both enjoy their meeting and get excited.

People who are familiar with the narrative frequently relate it to the legendary story of Hachiko. The Bear is indeed deserving of such a comparison for his dedication and love.

Cheng is the Bear’s whole universe and the purpose of his life. The dog is only happy with his owner, so he follows him to work every day and greets him at the end of the day.

Cheng is overjoyed to be the owner of such a one-of-a-kind animal and simply wishes for Bear to live as long as possible.