Every day, this Labrador Retriever swims across the lake for a very special reason

Thunder’s daily routine is as entertaining as it is lovable. This dog has developed the habit of swimming all across the lake that divides it to get to a campground every day. He is always made to feel welcome there.

Thunder, like many Labrador Retrievers, is an outstanding swimmer. This is an ability that the latter puts to great use during his daily trips to the regulars of a campground, including Amanda Vermeer.

She had been a client for a long time and had been employed there for a long time. As a result, she is extremely familiar with this dog and is not shocked to see him come swimming.

Thunder’s owners live on the other side of the lake, so he makes the trip every day to see him.

The 10-year-old Labrador’s family has repeatedly tried to stop him for his own safety, but he always finds a way to escape and plunge into the water to spy on the campers.

According to Amanda Vermeer, Thunder’s favorite part of the journey is swimming. He also enjoys being allowed to “go from campground to campground, saying hello to everyone and testing how far he can get before he gets caught up” by his handlers, according to her.

He also occasionally receives sweets, which does not bother him.

As soon as he gets to the campsite, the regular customers, practically all of whom have his phone number, telephone Thunder’s owner to inform him.

Soon later, he arrives in a vehicle to pick him up. The dog never returns home by swimming.

This is something his owner would want to train him on, as he recently revealed in a message to Amanda Vermeer, where he also stated that he would never restrict him from washing because it is something he enjoys.

“He’s usually so proud of himself when he reaches the shore and emerges from the water, as if he’s saying, ‘Tada! ” “Look, I’ve arrived!” exclaims Amanda Vermeer.

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Every day, this Labrador Retriever swims across the lake for a very special reason
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