Meet Zeus, the “World’s Tallest Dog”! Click the link to see his photos

Have you ever pondered what a real-life Clifford the Dog might look like?

A Bedford, Texas, family does not require imagination. Kitchen countertops became tables in their home, while kitchen sinks became dog bowls.

There is nothing this dog can not reach. This record-breaking dog is simply amazing.

Meet Zeus, the world’s tallest living dog according to Guinness World Records.

Zeus is only two years old and stands at 1.046 meters (3 feet and 5 inches). Zeus is the height of a regular kitchen counter, half a refrigerator, or a young child.

Zeus won the honor on March 22, when his veterinarians validated his height. Zeus is a Great Dane, a breed notable for its enormous size.

Zeus’ mother, Brittany Davis, had always wanted to acquire a Great Dane.

Can you imagine her delight when her brother brought her an eight-week-old puppy? Her brother happened to work with someone who bred them by chance. Davis stated that they already knew Zeus would be a handful at the time.

“Even for a pup, he’s been huge since we acquired him.” He had enormous paws.”(

A male Great Dane stands roughly 2.5 feet tall, and females stand around 2 inches tall. Zeus, on the other hand, outdid himself.

At first, Brittany was worried about keeping a dog of his size.

Great Danes were developed to hunt bigger wildlife such as pigs and deer. They were originally used to protect ladies in carriages. They can sprint beside them since their strides are so lengthy.

Zeus, on the other hand, is used to a more relaxed way of life. He enjoys lying about and gets excited only when he tries to steal food off the counter or his baby brother’s pacifier.

Zeus is well-known in his area.

He spends most of his days strolling about the neighborhood, particularly to the farmer’s market. Davis revealed that he spends a lot of time at the Dallas Farmer’s Market where he has become a local star.

“The most common reaction we get is, ‘Wow, that’s a horse!'” ‘Am I allowed to ride him?’ “The answer to all of those queries is ‘no,'” she told Guinness World Records.

Davis also understands that the larger the dog, the worse the problem.

Any food left on the counter is fair game, and no barrier is too tall if he ever wants to speak to his next-door best buddy.

Feeding the animal is also expensive. Zeus consumes six cups of “Gentle Giants” large breed dog meal in the morning, followed by another six cups in the afternoon. He’s a huge guy who needs to be well fuelled.

During a family event, the idea to contact Guinness World Records arose.

They debated if Zeus was taller than the previous tallest dog. They didn’t believe it was feasible until they measured him.

“This has been a hectic and surprising experience.” We never imagined we’d own the world’s largest live dog. ” Davis disclosed “We get a lot of remarks like, ‘Wow, that’s the tallest dog I’ve ever seen,’ so it’s nice to be able to reply, ‘Yes, it’s absolutely the tallest dog you’ve ever seen!'”

Interestingly, the previous champion was also a Great Dane called Zeus.

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Meet Zeus, the “World’s Tallest Dog”! Click the link to see his photos
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