The guy shows how he wakes up his deaf and blind dog without frightening her

Aiden Mann is a Nashville, Tennessee-based vet assistant. When you consider that he has two dogs, he is also a qualified dog dad.

Lola is Mann’s Staffordshire bull terrier/Great Dane hybrid. Then there’s Plum, a small Australian shepherd he rescued last summer.

The Australian shepherd is not your typical dog. Aiden, who was born deaf and partially blind, had reservations about getting the dog since she had special requirements.

Dogs with specific requirements, such as Plum, would require additional attention and care.

When they first met, Aiden fell in love with her right away.

Aiden’s employees were caring for the dog and her brother. They’ve assisted with several rescues, and it was through them that Aiden met Plum.

Aiden was looking for families for all of them when he encountered Plum through one of his coworkers, who took the puppy to work. When Aiden first saw her, he knew she belonged in his house.

“I absolutely had no idea what I was getting myself into,” he said of his choice to adopt Plum. “I just knew I adored her and decided to give her a comfortable life.”

At first, the connection was difficult.

It took a lot of effort for both the guy and the dog to figure out how to interact.

Aiden and Plum are working on touch signals to assist Plum in better grasping certain orders.

“We have her’sit’ slightly down, which is a touch beneath her chin,” explained the vet assistant. “And when I want her to follow me or travel on a specific route, I will gently lead her nose or slide my hand over her body in the direction I want her to go.”

Plum has been involved in a variety of activities since moving in with Aiden.

“People are always asking me how I wake up my deaf and blind puppy without frightening her,” Mann adds. “I blow on her softly.” She’s still surprised till she touches me. Then she wants all of your affection. ”

Plum would appear surprised at first, but once she recognized him, they would cuddle on the floor.

As of this writing, the video has received 68k likes and about 2,471,176 views.

Aiden believes that the film will raise awareness about double merle breeding, a phrase used in the dog breeding industry.

This is the union of two merle-patterned dogs. The puppies born will have a 25% chance of becoming “double merle.”

Puppies born with this disorder often have white coats, a lack of color, and even hearing and visual problems. Aiden feels that his dog’s impairments are the result of this breeding technique.

Having said that, the vet believes that Plum’s popularity will help draw attention to this issue. It is referred to as a “lethal genetic practice.”

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The guy shows how he wakes up his deaf and blind dog without frightening her
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