The scary footage of safari-goers being chased by a hippo

In a scary video that recently went viral, a giant hippo followed a bunch of visitors. Dicken Muchena and his 3 companions were touring in a motorboat on Kenya’s Victoria Lake.

When a hippo started chasing them in the lake, they were scared. Lembani Traveler shared a video of the incident on Twitter, and it quickly went viral.

The film was captured by one of the passengers aboard the speedboat. The hippo can be seen chasing after a racing motorboat with four people on board.

The massive beast can be seen gliding over the water in the wake of the speedboat in the footage. Most of the time, the animal is seen underwater, but sometimes it pops its head up to breathe as it follows the boat.

“The crew was aware that the location was a hippos’ home,” said Dicken Muchena. They wanted to photograph hippos but didn’t want to get too close. He stated that there were at least 6 hippos in that area, as well as many more around the lake.

Once onboard, a huge hippo emerged from the water and began pursuing them. The hippo followed them for four minutes, but thanks to the speedboat, they managed to escape. When the visitors were able to board their boat, he commented that “it was a near call.”

Since it was released on Twitter, the video has been seen over one million times, and countless replies have been recorded. People who were horrified by the clip flocked to the comments section to express their feelings. “Crazy,” one user said. “I thought these items were modest.”

“I had NO IDEA that hippos could swim like that!” said another user. This was never shown on Animal Planet. ” “I assumed they were gentle creatures,” wrote the third user. I’m glad you lived long enough to post this. Hippos murder more humans than any other animal in the universe. That ominous butterfly stroke is something I’ve never seen before. ”

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The scary footage of safari-goers being chased by a hippo
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