A poor dog passed away in her owner’s hands, and you’ll be shocked to know the reason

The loudness of the fireworks frightens dogs. Many dogs regard them as a danger. Dogs either bark or try to flee and hide when they hear the explosions. Some dogs also exhibit anxiety-like restlessness, such as panting, pacing, and whimpering.

Every year on the Fourth of July, thousands of fireworks are let off to commemorate Independence Day. People get excited and happy when they see fireworks, but pets suffer because they are very sensitive to loud noises and may even have panic attacks.

As a result, the dogs are not delighted by the fireworks. A sad tragedy occurred as a result of the fireworks. One elderly dog passed away as a result of a panic attack during the fireworks show.

Antonella Modasjazh, the dog’s owner, posted this sad story on Facebook. She stated that her ancient dog, Magui, passed away as a result of panic episodes caused by fireworks.

Antonella stated that her dog was quite elderly and was terrified of the fireworks. They found it tough to manage her while everyone else was having a good time. She had an extremely difficult time.

The family attempted to contact local veterinarians, but they did not react. The frail elderly dog passed away while being held in Antonella’s son’s arms.