These dogs had a horrible life before finally finding a loving family

The six-year-old hound was initially believed to have been hit by a train, but owners Shena and Ian Fairless, who run Pudz Animal Sanctuary in South Killingholme, North Lincs, eventually found 36 pellets in her body and suspect she suffered both sets of a.b.u.s.e at the hands of a c.r.u.e.l previous owner.

Flo now has a good life after bonding with another rescue dog, Jerry the Jack Russell cross, who had his rear legs amputated when he was one year old after being hit by a car.

Although they have only two legs, it doesn’t stop them from having fun.

In real life, “When they initially met, they’d just used to playing all the time,” said Doctor Dolittle Shena, 50, who cares for 136 animals in total. I believe animals can detect impairment and have an affection for one another.

“Jerry often used to walk around her pushchair with his wheels on when we initially acquired Flo.”

“When Flo ran around, he was by her side.” He undoubtedly assisted her.

“They live and sleep in the same room, and I frequently catch them cuddling up to one another.” They enjoy  playing with balls with each other. ”

Shena explained that Flo was being cared for by another shelter until they provided her with a lifelong home four years ago.

Shena thought she would be a good caregiver for them because she had taken care of Jerry when he was six months old.

Jerry was born paralyzed and would drag his rear legs around until Shena and her husband Ian raised £5,000 to have them removed and Jerry fitted with wheels.

Flo can hop on her hind limbs for small distances but needs a pet buggy that the pair pushes her in when she becomes weary.

The two wanted to raise £25,000 for prosthetics, but vets couldn’t help her because there wasn’t enough skin over the bone for the prosthetics to fit.

“When we found out the exact degree of Flo’s injuries, we couldn’t believe it,” Shena added.

“We brought her to the vet in 2016, and the damage was consistent with a blade or something similar since the bones were broken.”

“Not only that, but she was peppered with g.u.n pe.l.l.ets.”

“When I viewed the MRI scan, I instantly gasped and fell into tears.” That was not something I imagined would happen to her in my wildest thoughts.

“On the scan, the p.e.l.lets looked like stars.” I recall being taken aback by how many there were. It’s difficult to put into words how it felt.

“They’re still in her body because removing them would be too risky.”

“What hits you the most is what a wonderful dog she is.” Given all she’s been through, we can’t even believe how loving she is of mankind. We gathered funds for his amputation as well as the wheels. He was hesitant to test them out at first, but now he can’t stop himself, and he goes pretty quickly.”

“It was difficult at first, knowing there was nothing further we could do for her. She now enjoys her life and is pretty happy.”

“She enjoys being outside in the garden and going on walks, but it’s bad that she can’t do all that other dogs can.”

“We adore her; she’s a member of the family and has a lifelong home with us.”

The couple knew Flo was from Romania since the charity did rescues there, and they assumed she was maimed while trying to collect up pets.

Shena and Ian, a 53-year-old tanker driver, founded the shelter in 2013 and currently have 136 animals, including cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, and chickens.

Shena’s refuge is supported by contributions and money earned by Shena through Vegan Festivals.

The couple is currently taking care of the animals in their home. They want to earn £50,000 so they can buy a piece of land and make the sanctuary bigger.

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These dogs had a horrible life before finally finding a loving family
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