Owners lie about how their dog broke her leg in two places, but an examination reveals that…

The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region is southern Colorado’s biggest nonprofit animal sanctuary. After a dog  Jazzmin was brought there, staff became involved in a sad case of animal a.b..u.se.

Sweet Jazzmin had a bone that had totally cracked in half, as well as indications of a mending fracture near her knee. They decided to seize the dog in order to protect it and conduct a thorough investigation.

Unfortunately, the situation deteriorated. Jazzmin was inspected and discovered to have an imbedded muzzle on her snout as well as a hip fracture. The story that the owners said authorities did not correspond to the severity of her injuries.

Because there was sufficient proof, police investigators were able to prosecute her owners with animal cr.ue.l..ty. The Humane Society of Pikes Peak took full control of the dog, which made it possible for her recovery to start.

Her shattered leg had to be amputated, but she is now good and is starting the long road to recovery.

We are pleased to hear that there are kind people that help animals and get them out of dangerous circumstances. Jazzmin, we wish you the best!