The owners found their missing dog in the most unlikely spot, and they were shocked that she survived!

When a senior dog bolted during a stroll, her family was unconcerned at first. They anticipated the dog would return home because she is familiar with the area. When hours passed with no trace of the dog, they were concerned.

The hours turned into days, and the puppy was still missing. The family was ready to give up hope when they decided to take another look around the neighborhood. They were stunned to find their dog in one of the most improbable places, and they were surprised she had survived. Her life was probably spared by finding her at the last minute!

In Suffolk, England, a 10-year-old Sprocker Spaniel named Ebb went on a regular stroll with her owner. After following something, the inquisitive dog managed to slink away from her owner. She vanished into the bushes, and her human was unable to locate her.

“At first, we weren’t too concerned since she knew the neighborhood well and it’s always been extremely secure,” said Michael Cromwell, Ebb’s owner’s son-in-law.

The family went for a walk around the neighborhood, yelling Ebb’s name. They assumed that would be enough to bring her home, but after hours passed with no sightings, they realized they needed to look even harder. They approached neighbors and shared on social media, asking for assistance in their hunt.

It didn’t take very long for Ebb’s owner to lose faith, and Michael was beginning to doubt himself after three days. But it’s fortunate that they chose to send out another search party.

Before losing hope, the family decided to do one more search in the region. Michael’s wife said that she had discovered Ebb as he was calling for him. The senior spaniel was caught in a five-foot hole that was full to the dog’s breast with water.

“She had to be sitting straight the whole time because she couldn’t lie down or she’d drown,” Michael explained.

They hurried the frozen pet to the vet since she couldn’t stand on her own when they took her out. The veterinarian kept her overnight and decided that she was healthy, save for being fatigued. She was back to her joyful self after a good night’s sleep.

Michael feels it never occurred to Ebb to bark since she has never done so. She most likely heard them shouting her name and figured they were coming to fetch her regardless of how she responded. It’s a miracle they discovered her at all!

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The owners found their missing dog in the most unlikely spot, and they were shocked that she survived!
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