Volunteers discovered a dog hit by a train and believed that putting him down would be the greatest way to relieve his suffering, but then everything changed…

When a train hit this helpless puppy, the assumption was that he would either pass away or suffer in misery for the rest of his days. But one rescue team thought there might be a third way and was willing to try anything to find out if they were right.

Animal Aid Unlimited in India received an emergency call about a dog that had been hit by a train and was badly injured. They were convinced that once they arrived and saw the unfortunate critter, they would have no choice but to put him down. They could no longer bear the notion of him crying and suffering.

They named the dog Deepak. He was evaluated by the vet when they returned to their healthcare center. In his assessment, he was forthright. The doctor wanted to see if he could rescue Deepak with a clear brain and a huge heart, but he realized it would be tough. Three of his limbs were crushed and required amputation. He did, however, believe that dogs could overcome challenges and that it was worth a shot.

Emergency surgery was done. If this happened sooner, Deepak might be able to recuperate more quickly. The procedure took 5 hours, including prep and recuperation time. It was now a matter of carefully transporting Deepak to the other side. He made it through the surgery, but would he make it through infection or any other unknown dangers? It required six months of toil. Thanks to the work of the medical staff and volunteers, Deepak was not hurt while he was getting better.

He was given pain medicine as needed, as well as a lot of love and care. His transformation is incredible!

Deepak, like his fellow canine pals, gets hydrotherapy in the pool. He can strengthen his physique without overworking the parts of his body that are still recuperating. His favorite pastimes include swimming, looking for his beloved ball, and working out his muscles.

Because of his terrible condition, Deepak’s family left him. He will spend the remainder of his life at the Animal Aid refuge due to his injuries. Other canines with comparable impairments surround him. They, too, have lost limbs but have a strong will to live. Deepak exemplifies the importance of having a huge heart and a lot of love on your side.

In the video below, you’ll certainly like Deepak’s happy ending. Thanks to the AMAZING individuals at Animal Aid, a heartbreaking situation was transformed into a beautiful ending. Keep up the fantastic job!