A 9-year-old pit bull helps police and becomes a hero

Spuds’ fur may be silver, but when it comes to defending his family, this excellent guy demonstrates that age is just a number! The 9-year-old rescue pit bull is being lauded as a hero for his part in apprehending a house invasion.

Leroy Rucker of Altoona, Pennsylvania, was lying down with his dogs when an accused burglar burst through the front door. What Spuds did next stunned local cops and turned the senior canine into a local superstar.

The intruder, subsequently identified as 53-year-old Robert Burke, banged on the door before barging in uninvitedly, according to Rucker. The two men got into a fight, but Spuds wasn’t going to sit on the sidelines. When he saw his loving father in trouble, he acted quickly.

“He wasn’t going to come into my house uninvited.” I’m not sure whether you like it, friend. “It didn’t sit well with Spuds,” Rucker told WJAC-TV. “He was on his way to see Dad. That’s all I have to say. He sees me battling and wants to fight as well. ”

Once Spuds entered the battle, Burke trimmed his losses and surrendered. Rucker was able to call the cops as his loyal dog maintained a close watch on the culprit.

“He listened.” “I say, he listened better when the dog was standing there,” Rucker explained.

When police arrived at the house, they saw Burke sitting peacefully on the living room floor, waiting for them. Spuds had heroically held off the suspect for 20 minutes.

Burke was brought to the hospital for minor injuries he received during the brawl. He admitted to consuming beer and using methamphetamine and marijuana before breaking into Rucker’s house. Burke allegedly b.u.r.g.l.a.rized another property and as.s.a.u.lted a lady in the face immediately before meeting Rucker and Spuds.

Burke faces th.e.ft, cr.i.m.i.nal trespass, simple a.s.s.ault, and h.a.r.a.s.s..ment charges. He was later placed on bail.

According to Steven Rightenour, a local sanitation worker, Spuds was previously beloved in the town, but now he’s a local superstar.

“I’m a garbage collector.” I work with dogs five or six days a week, but Spuds is extremely protective of his family. “He understands the difference between good and bad, and that’s what dogs are meant to do,” Rightenour added.

Rucker and the rest of the neighborhood have a newfound respect for Spuds and his defensive instincts. Who knows what Burke may have done if this brave old man hadn’t intervened? With word of his bravery spreading throughout Pennsylvania, thieves are likely to think twice before targeting Spuds’ house—or his entire neighborhood—in the future!

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A 9-year-old pit bull helps police and becomes a hero
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