A family discovered their lost dog trapped in a drainage pipe and you’ll never guess how it happened

One of the most upsetting situations a pet owner may have is when their pet goes missing.

That’s what occurred to Edgar’s family after they couldn’t find the 4-year-old black retriever mix following a thunderstorm.

“They are wonderful boys, but they like to sneak away,” Sean Ryan, Edgar’s owner, told TODAY. “They’ll break free and return home on their own in a night or two.”

Edgar disappears for a week.

During the severe storm, Edgar fled the family house. The storms continued all week, prompting the family to believe the worst had occurred to Edgar.

Oscar, the family’s second dog, was upset that his pal was no longer with him. Seven days had passed since Edgar had fled, and there had been no trace of him. When the family’s father decided to take Oscar for a stroll, something amazing occurred.

A storm drain lets forth a faint scream.
Dad was taking Oscar for a stroll when he heard a faint whimper. The guy tracked the source of the wailing to the entrance of a storm drain, where he discovered Edgar!

“All I can see are his eyes blazing back at me,” Ryan cried as he recalled the incident. “He grew agitated. He was delighted to see me, but he was frantic for me to get him out.”

“I was filled with emotions—pleasure that I had discovered him, fear that he was trapped in this pipe,” Ryan added. “I actually went around in circles trying to figure out what to do.”

Edgar is rescued from the drain pipe by the fire crew.

Ryan summoned the fire department, who arrived to assist in the rescue of Edgar. They excavated the area and dug a hole for Edgar to crawl out of.

“He was hungry.” “He’d been resting in water, so he had something to drink, but he was covered in blisters that were most likely inflamed by all that fluid,” Ryan explained.

Surprisingly, a trip to the vet found that Edgar wasn’t in such bad health. His wounds were healed, and he was given IV fluids and antibiotics, as well as having sections of his fur shaved to allow the wounds to heal. Edgar, according to his family, was back to a normal life!

“He’s recovered swiftly,” Ryan remarked. “He has already returned to the scene!”

The family promised that this would never happen again.

Ryan admitted to struggling with guilt about the event. The family would subsequently state that they want to buy GPS trackers for both dogs so that they may let them run free without worrying about them getting lost or stranded somewhere else.

“I can’t believe I came so close to giving up,” Ryan remarked. “Every day, we walk that loop. I don’t know how many times I passed him. That’s what I’m hoping folks will take away from this. Don’t make assumptions, and never give up.”

How did Edgar become entangled in the pipe?

As follows, Ryan would also explain how Edgar became caught in the drainage pipe:

“We assume he went in there because he’s terrified of thunder,” Ryan explained. At home, he’ll hide himself in a crack under the bed… We believe he crept in during the storm, then raced against that vertical pipe, couldn’t move backwards, and couldn’t escape. ”

Happily, this is a happy conclusion for Edgar, Oscar, and their family.

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A family discovered their lost dog trapped in a drainage pipe and you’ll never guess how it happened
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