The dog was alone at home when someone knocked on the door, and the camera captured his reaction

Nuomi, the German Shepherd, recently made headlines for his devilishly adept receiving of a delivery box! When the mailman rang the doorbell to give a delivery, this hairy creature was alone. That, however, was not the only thing that occurred!

Nuomi is seen relaxing on the ground when hearing the doorbell in this footage recorded by home security. He sits up and walks rapidly to the door, like a responsible kid. Then he stands on his hind legs and throws open the door as if nothing happened!

When he sees a dog open the door, the mailman seems surprised. But Nuomi spends no time making acquaintances, seizing the package from the mailman’s grasp. When the perplexed man waits at the entrance to speak with someone, Nuomi spits at him and tells him to leave.

The box was finally put on the couch. The task has been completed. Later, the mailman came back to say he was scared by the dog and didn’t get a “signed” delivery receipt because of it.

You’re going to adore the video below, which features a smarty pants dog. You must watch it all the way through. Have fun!