The family couldn’t find their missing 3-year-old baby, but when they did, they were shocked

Without a doubt, dogs are man’s best companion. A Missouri family has a really heartwarming story to share. This family might have lost their young child if it hadn’t been for the devoted dog that never left their side.

Remy, a three-year-old child, was swinging on the swings. Timberlyn Merritt, her mother, momentarily left her to grab something from inside the home. Remy was nowhere to be seen when she came back.

She didn’t spend any time. She quickly dialed 911 and requested assistance.

During the emotional phone call, her voice was shaking as she said, “We can’t find her anywhere.”

Another casualty, a one-year-old Yorkie called Heath, was missing from the area. Remy was constantly accompanied by his dog. They spent their time together playing and sleeping. When Remy followed her dog into the cornfield that night, Timberlyn was worried that the two had become separated.

While she waited for rescue, she raced into the field, yelling, “Remy! Remy!”

Her heart dropped as other phone calls poured in. Timberlyn was well aware that the longer Remy remained in the field, the more probable it was that she would be in danger.

Timberlyn claims that there are animals on the farms. The farms were home to a variety of wild creatures. Coyotes were the most prevalent offenders. After her first search turned up nothing, she started calling her friends and family to ask for help finding her.

More than 100 individuals participated in the search.

The eight-foot-tall corn stalks made it extremely difficult to locate the victim. In the middle of the night, the search party was hunting for her. To make matters worse, the similar image of corn made it hard to determine your location in the field.

One of their friends mentioned the encounter. They were chanting Remy’s name as they walked from one end of the cornfield to the other.

They didn’t stop searching until their flashlights vanished one by one.

Nobody ever gave up. The next day, they heard barking as the hunt continued. They followed the sound in the hope that it would bring them to Remy.

After a 12-hour search in a “labyrinth,” they discovered her among some grain storage half a mile from their home.

A spectacular sight was discovered by the rescue squad. The infant girl, Remy, was fast asleep, but she wasn’t alone. She was hugging Heath, her devoted companion who never left her side.

Remy threw her arms around Timberlyn and told her how Heath remained with her during the twelve long hours she was alone.

Timberlyn’s brother, Quinlin, went all the way from western Kentucky to find Remy.

She said that Remy, she said, was fatigued, hot, and sweating when they picked her up. Despite enduring mosquito bites, the tiny child escaped relatively unscathed thanks to her devoted best buddy. The Missouri State Highway Patrol sent the video to their Twitter account.

“This is how the # Community appears.” Police, first responders, and community volunteers work together to find a missing youngster. Her dog stayed at her side the entire night. “# StrongTogether,” the tweet read, including photographs of Remy and Heath.

It was an emotional moment, and Heath played a vital role in Remy’s safe return home.

In this video, you can see a small girl with her dog. They both endured a scary night.

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The family couldn’t find their missing 3-year-old baby, but when they did, they were shocked
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